About Curtis Construction Company:

The story of how Curtis Construction Company LLC (CCC) became a 4th generation family business begins with Howard A. Gordy, a struggling rancher from Kansas who relocated to Toledo, Ohio by way of the Civilian Conservation Corps. Howard learned much about the building trade while working on projects at the University of Toledo and Side Cut Park. He decided to become a self-employed business owner in the building trade. Settling in West Toledo, he and his wife had two daughters and a son. Howard’s son, Howard Curt, began in the family business as most sons do, by working with his father building new homes and expanding into remodeling work. Howard Curt ventured further by developing multi-dwelling family units in the Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio markets. Howard Curt and his wife had 2 sons and a daughter while living in Toledo. Once again, the 2 sons, Curt and Chris, followed the family tradition by working for their dad after school hours at Whitmer High School. Curt named his company Curtis Construction Company LLC (CCC). He located his family home and company in Erie, Michigan, and became the father of 3 sons. Curt’s middle son, Jordan, has worked alongside his dad for as long as he can remember, learning the skills of the trade. Jordan earned his Michigan Residential Builders License at the young age of 20 followed by Ohio licensing. Over time, Jordan has assumed the responsibilities of CCC and now ownership of the company. And that’s how four generations of Gordy’s have “built” the company known today as CCC!